Our Vision

To support Luton Council in their vision for a carbon neutral borough by 2040.

Our Aim

To encourage travel via sustainable methods as part of our commitment to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our Objectives

  • To appoint a travel co-ordinator at The Mall Luton to review travel to the centre and particularly to improve action by tenanted businesses towards a reduced reliance on private automotive transport.
  • Encourage non-car use by a combination of the above and encouragement of alternatives.
  • Use pricing strategy to maximise use of the available parking numbers but centred on retail shopping visits
  • Reduce overall parking numbers.

By Foot (34%)

  • Primary shopper concentrated within or around the town. 
  • 50% of shoppers travelling less than 11 minutes
  • 34% of visitors walked to the centre
  • Almost all roads have a footpath on both sides.

By Bus (27%)

  • Most popular bus operators are Arriva and Centrebus.
  • Bus stops are located around the town centre including: Luton Station interchange, Silver Street, Park Street, Church Street and St George’s Square.
  • The Luton – Dunstable Busway opened in 2013 connecting the two towns.


Aim: Promote the Staff Arriva Travel Discount Scheme.

By Car (28%)

  • 3 car parks with 1,557 parking spaces available.
  • 72 disabled bays.
  • 72 family spaces.
  • 4 electric car charging points.
  • Extended Shopmobility, a local charity that provides wheelchairs and scooters to people with walking difficulties in Market Car Park.


Aim: Manage supply and cost of parking to encourage alternative transportation

By Bike (2%)

Cycle racks can be found adjacent to Market Car Park in John Street, at the Travel Interchange, St Georges Square and Park Square.

Aim: To promote the cycling strategy and reduce dependency on private cars. 

By Taxi (4%)

Taxi stands located at Park Square, Upper George Street and at the Travel Interchange.