Our River photo mosaic

Last year a public art photo mosaic was unveiled on the side of the centre. Our River commemorates those from the community lost to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrates the key workers that supported the town and the moments of joy that got us through the dark times. 

Luton Council delivered Our River with support from the European Regional Development Fund’s Welcome Back Fun and The Mall Luton, in partnership with Keech Hospice Care and Departure Lounge Gallery.

Poetry Project

We continue to work with the Poetry Project – the aim of which is to get poetry into places you wouldn’t normally see it and open people`s eyes to the joy of poetry, whilst raising awareness about mental health. 

Tangled Feet

In recent years we have worked with a local award-winning physical theatre ensemble who create visually stunning transformative performances. Tangled Feet have transformed a void unit into a pop-up performance shop.